Business Development counsel for lawyers


Business Development Coaching


    It’s rare to find a high achiever in any field who doesn’t work with a coach for candid, supportive advice. Professional athletes, entertainers, CEOs, and others at the top of their game often employ multiple coaches to stay fit and focused. 

After many years working one-on-one with lawyers at all levels, I work with each client to develop a comfortable yet candid working relationship.  Our goal: a practical strategy focused on relationships and reputation that achieves business development success. Individual coaching sessions offer the flexibility and confidentiality to explore many strategies.

Presentations Preparation


  You’ve been asked to make a presentation to clients or colleagues, at an industry conference or community event. Perhaps a TED Talk.  

This is good.

I have helped many professionals carefully craft presentations that gave them the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise about a topic, while demonstrating the competence, confidence and composure that leads to follow-up opportunities and an enhanced reputation.  

Training, Retreats and Workshops


  Firm meetings.  Practice group retreats.  Industry group strategy sessions.  Alumni gatherings. These and  other group settings create opportunities for business development. Creating an environment for individuals and teams to connect, collaborate, debate, discuss and otherwise expand their networks of friends and associates and influence.   

I work with clients to create interactive meetings that encourage participants to teach and learn from each other.